Train Come Softly Unto me

Every day I am birthed again, I have to get used to breathing and walking, getting on a train,

Standing holding the metal, others, looking me over, me; looking at other people, all a new breed of this morning.

Sixteen year-old girls speak about singing, and not talking about certain boys. In Kent, thirty year-old girls talk to children in Sardinia and all their weddings. Ex-husband is here illegally

They all woke up this morning and had to learn all this, telling themselves they remembered that great time in Camden,

‘Do not talk about it, but look at those boys.’ hoovering champagne. Learning what they have re-learned our whole lives. Learn to make people feel uncomfortable

The recycled tin train is on the same tracks, swinging on the same turns, each day it should be looked on, and learned. Every day it is new…

In our sixteen years we have learned how to judge and cross our legs. In our thirty years we have learned the importance of the collective mind, and women have learned to have deeper voices

In our learning we forget;

I love going to sleep

I love waking up

Learning underground

With my hand on different metal

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